About Us

Founded in 2019, Lapidux is a digital technology company, offering programming, cyber security, creative production and digital marketing services. Our founding principles are: Communication, Discretion, Quality & Charity.

We communicate expert topics in plain english to ensure you understand what we are doing, how, and why.

It's our job to solve your problem, not share it. We adhere to strict confidentiality for all of our clients, no matter the service or cost.

We always strive to complete a job as well as possible. We believe that our work should speak for itself, and take pride in our results.

A lot of charities do not have huge budgets. We offer pro-bono services for registered charities to do our part in the betterment of the planet.

The Lapidux team consists of professionals with a broad set of skills, each with a different specialisation. While we are primarily based in the UK, we offer services around the globe and keep track of client timezones to offer support when required. Most importantly, we all believe that the client comes first, so we take care to ensure your requirements are fulfilled, and act on feedback swiftly and effectively. Whether your SQL database needs restructuring, your Java developers need a boost, or your website is down, we will assist you to a high quality for an affordable rate.

We are experts in common technologies used by small businesses, such as MySQL, PHP, C#, Java, C++, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, Typescript, Bash and much more. We have clients around the world, who are all satisfied with our affordable software development rates. We offer both initial and continued options for our products and services, so you can ensure that you receive day-to-day support if required. No matter what your problem is, get in touch for a free initial consultation to figure out if we are right for you!

Privacy is paramount, so we offer strict client confidentiality and discrete services for all. Companies around Europe have trusted us to perform incident response (hack recovery), and have seen a stark drop in security incidents since our involvement and advisement. We can even provide secure websites from scratch, specialised for your use case, be it e-commerce, a blog or a corporate site. However, in 2020 simply having a website isn't enough. We can manage your digital promotion through social media and on-page SEO, including an analysis of your target network, automatic content discovery and publication. This kind of proactive digital presence management is vital to building a brand online that stands out as a diamond among the rough.

Whether you need consultants who can integrate in a team, lead a team, or be your team, Lapidux is geared up for your engagement. With experience hiring, managing and collaborating for our clients, our team can fit into groups of any scale to fulfill your needs. Smaller businesses may benefit especially from having us act as a pop-up IT department, reducing your overhead by only paying for experts when you need them.