We are security audit experts. We can review code, configurations and entire servers in order to produce a detailed and actionable report, which we can also implement if required. One of the best ways to not be hacked is to have external organisations audit you, your risk and your practices regularly, to make sure you stay ahead of hackers.
Configuration Audit
We will review the configuration of all internet-facing services on your servers to ensure you aren't exposing a port or attack surface if you don't need to. We also review for common mistakes such as hardcoded credentials, insecure implementation and outdated software.

Systems Review
We will review code and systems that deal with remote input in order to close security holes and prevent hacks. This ranges from backend code (PHP, Node.js, etc) to bespoke software implementations and services. For more comprehensive testing of your bespoke assets, see Penetration Testing

Best Practice
A secure business needs secure habits. We will review the processes and workflows you have in place to provide suggestions for both optimisation and security. Also included is a risk report on key assets and employees of your organisation in order to prepare you for social engineering or extortion attacks.