Revenue in the e-commerce market amounts to $2,237,481m in 2020. Selling goods online is commonplace in 2020 and there are many templates that offer the world at your doorstep. However, it's far from easy to choose the right platform and make it work for your project. Lapidux can provide a bespoke e-commerce solution that is user friendly and built to minimise clicks to purchase. We provide a robust product database structure, a professional, intuitive administration and management system, a first class customer facing design as well as a full range of digital marketing services to bring more customers to your site.
Admin Control Panel
Lapidux designed e-commerce sites are delivered with a user friendly administration interface. This lets you manage orders, products and customers without having to deal with confusing databases. A simple system allows the administrator to create as many product categories and subcategories as they wish, and to assign products to different areas within the site. Products can be easily added or deleted and product details can be easily edited to amend description, images, availability and prices.

Profit Driven Design
A great deal of thought goes into the design of a Lapidux e-commerce project. Features such as coupon codes and discounts, post purchase follow-up emails, and basket reminders help drive repeat business and encourage users who are undecided to take the leap.

User Experience
Everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to use a badly designed shopping site. At Lapidux, we focus on making our e-commerce sites as easy to navigate as possible, designing the entire site to provide the best possible user experience. Consumer trust and experience is everything. Your shop is built from the ground up with UX in mind, so that potential customers are not lost to counter intuitive design choices.