Incident Response
Following a security incident, you can't just change passwords and think you're secure again. You must investigate how hackers breached your system/database, what they did and what this means your business needs to do next. This process is called incident response, and it is vital in ensuring you learn and improve following a breach.
Detailed Report
Detailed ReportLapidux will produce a report detailing how you were hacked, what the hackers did, steps taken to remove the infection & more. This report also includes tips on how to secure your system, website or server moving forward.

Lapidux will locate the entry point of the hack, and fix the security hole. This could be as simple as applying an update, or as complex as manually disinfecting configuration files. No matter the work required to do so, we will exterminate all the remains of any malware or payload an attacker may have left.

As part of our incident response service we also conduct a security audit & report so that your business can begin securing itself from future attacks.