Penetration Testing
Penetration tests, or pentests, are authorised simulated intrusions that evaluate your security policies and cyber defences. This is also known as ethical hacking. By allowing us to conduct a pentest against your business, you are enabling your company to fix security issues before they are found by malicious hackers. Due to our strict client confidentiality policy, the results of your pentest will never be read by anyone other than yourselves, so regardless of what steps you take your business is not put at risk.
Detailed Report
Lapidux will produce a report detailing how you were breached, what steps we took, what steps to take to prevent future infection & more. This report is comprehensive and further levels of detail are available upon request free of charge .

Strict Scoping
We will engage in a detailed preliminary conversation in order to decide together what is 'in scope' and 'out of scope'. This enables us to clearly agree what we should and should not test, which we will adhere to strictly.

No Win - 50% Discount
If we do not successfully find a security issue with your organisation, then the pentest should be viewed as a success. However, we understand that not all clients see it this way, and as such we offer an optional 50% discount on work done in this case. Just ask before we issue an invoice!