Proactive Protection
Unfortunately, staying secure is not a 'fire and forget' process. Staying up to date with current threats and vulnerabilities is vital, because hackers will always be looking for easy, insecure setups. We help mitigate the risk and workload by ensuring the correct systems are in place, such as an antivirus, firewall and IDS. Furthermore, steps must be taken to minimise the impact of credential theft and dictionary attacks.
Security Software Setup
Lapidux will set up a suite of security tools that will automatically look for and eliminate threats in your systems. These can be configured for any platform, anywhere, with no license cost. We have spent time doing the research for you, so we use the perfect balance of value & quality when defending your assets.

Software Updates
Software has a short lifecycle. We live in an era where apps, programs and operating systems are updated at lightning pace, and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date. Let us handle this for you, and keep your infrastructure modern, speedy & secure.

Access Control
Gone is the era of passwords on sticky notes. Not only do passwords need to be strong, unique and random, but they need to rotated regularly to minimise the impact of any credential theft. We will maintain encrypted password databases and manage the rotation & generation of your passwords for you. Better yet, we will opt to use keyfiles wherever available, and multiple factor authentication to keep your accounts secure.