Lapidux offers expertise in many programming languages. We can write and maintain software to fill a range of requirements, from automation to content management. This may encompass devops, employee management or time keeping - we work around your needs in order to deliver the best solution. Our versatility in use of programming languages allows us to accommodate for both simple and sophisticated infrastructure, so if you're a family run café or a multinational business we can integrate into your technology stack. Not only are we good at what we do, but we enjoy doing it. We let our work speak for itself and are not happy until our client is happy. You don't just get a programming project, you get valuable contacts who will always happily help you with future projects. There's no point writing code unless it's secure code. As a firm with experience in cyber security, we write our PHP code with attack vectors in mind. You should never have to compromise on the security of your software just because it's bespoke. Our competences include: PHP, Python, Java, Bash, C++, C# and Javascript.
From Idea to Implementation
We can take your brief, sketches or pseudocode and turn it into interactive prototypes by working hard to understand your requirements from the start. This rapid feedback option allows clients who opt-in to have an increased role in the early, and fundamental, design decisions.

Cross Platform Support
We use cross-platform frameworks wherever possible in order to ease the process of deploying Lapidux produced software. Whether we are designing a website, app, or program, we are always aiming to support as many devices as possible to reduce integration issues down the line.

Maintenance/Updates Available
If long term attention needs to be given to your software, we can negotiate providing updates and features as required. This allows you to continue developing and improving your in-house software without having to employ developers to learn and manage a codebase they are unfamiliar with.