Social Media Marketing
Social Media has become integrated into almost every aspect of daily life. There are increasing numbers of people who use the social networks to access almost all of their information, which creates both a problem and an opportunity for businesses. In the past, businesses have used traditional marketing channels to reach their audiences. Advertising in newspapers and magazines was an integral part of most businesses' budgets. However, with the arrival of social media networks, these traditional methods are becoming less effective. Most businesses realise they have to adapt and many now have a Facebook account which they keep updated to a greater or lesser extent. This, on its own, is not Social Media marketing. To fully benefit from Social Media it is necessary to research and find related networks that are in some way complimentary to that business's activities and to interact with that network. Using Social Media in this way takes up a lot of time and time is something that many businesses have trouble finding! Lapidux offers a service in providing this basic level of Social Media marketing. We will research and find compatible networks on a number of Social Media platforms, and interact with them, build awareness of your company and bringing visitors to your company website.
Extending Networks
Lapidux would carry out research into the activities of competitor sites in social media and the research of complementary social media networks that could be useful in the marketing of the business. The vast majority of social media users follow 'influencers' and 'influential accounts' in order to keep up with trends within their areas of interest. If a network has 100,000 followers, a comment posted on that network, together with the identity of the poster, will be seen by a large number of those followers. In addition to creating awareness of the existence of the business among those followers, the comments posted, together with images, can be designed to attract those followers to research the business's network in return. This kind of activity will accelerate the exposure of the social media accounts beyond what would happen naturally.

Creating Posts
We would recommend a basic level of activity of 30 Facebook posts per month, and approximately 15 Instagram posts per month, depending on the available material. We can operate independently, selecting our own material from the website, or we can work together with the company's marketing department, using specific aspects they wish to promote. It is helpful to be provided with any suitable photographs for use on Instagram. Given the nature of some businesses, it is often necessary to construct stories and find appropriate photographs from elsewhere. Posts would be varied. Users on social media do not like to be sold to directly, at least not all the time. Therefore, our posts would be mixed, based on: tips and advice, comments, topic features or news items.

Twitter & LinkedIn
The Twitter and LinkedIn platforms work in a different way to the other networks, providing a more personal way of communicating with others. We would recomend these channels only if a business is prepared to keep up with the messaging and networking. We are happy to provide consultation on the best ways to proceed.