Web Design
Lapidux provides a total service for website design and development. We can work in all sectors, on all platforms and in any language. All of our websites are fully responsive with a strong focus on security. We have considerable experience in helping clients to create effective tools for the presentation, promotion and operation of their businesses, large or small. We can produce anything from a simple, personal profile website, through to an inexpensive but effective promotional website for an individual or small business, up to a complex, dynamic, database driven website with e-commerce integration for an international, multi lingual operation and, through our European partners, have worked with clients from Italy, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, the USA and all over the world. In addition, we can provide ongoing hosting, maintenance and support together with effective digital marketing services.
Website Design
Every website that we produce is individually crafted to suit each client's requirements. We approach the initial design and structure of each project with great care, to ensure that the website we create will achieve the desired objectives.

Mobile Platforms
A high proportion of the public use one kind of mobile device or another to view online material. Consequently, it is increasing important that websites deliver their messages in a way that suits all of these different platforms. Often, the page design will need to change to suit the type of screen being used, and the size of text and images will also need to adapt.

In an increasingly hostile digital world, it is vital that all online interactions are totally secure. The ingenuity of cyber criminals increases by the day and only the most robust, up-to-date security measures will protect us from their efforts. All of our websites are produced to the highest security standards and are regularly tested to ensure that they remain safe.